About Du Berger Noir

We are Du Berger Noir and we are located in Lanaudiere, Quebec, Canada on a farm of nearly 200 acres. We produce a beautiful line of working black German Shepherds, it is our passion..

Our black german shepherd breeding is family oriented, our dogs live with us in the house as well as on the farm. We are totally in love with the breed and their many qualities. The german shepherd that we bred is a very intelligent, loyal, playful family companion and easy to train because he has a great focus and a need to learn.

We own 9 german shepherd females and 8 out of them are pure black, we have one black breeding male with German and Czech working lines. He is also our ambassador both by his personality and his strength as by his unequivocal beauty. We will be adding two Young European black and red coated males to our program as soon as they clear their tests.

Please note that we are selective in choosing our adopters. We still ask for a minimum of knowledge about the german shephers breed, it's qualities and weaknesses and the fact that a puppy moves and constantly asks for attention and patience.

About Us Du Berger Noir

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