Why choose a

German shepherd

The german shepherd finds his origin in Germany, he is an excellent dog of agility, of strenght, also of courage. He can be a rescue dog, a service dog a guard dog and an excellent companion dog.

The german shepherd can develop great complicity with his master, he is also willing and brave. He has an unparalleled flair, it will be used in research and detection.

The working german shepherd asks to be stimulated both physically and mentally. He is fit for obedience, agility, freestyle, ball games, tugs and canicross classes. They are great sports dogs, they love outdoors.

The german shepherd loves to be educated firmly but without brutality because it remain a sensitive dog. They really prefer company to loneliness.

The german shepherd asks a confident master, a person ready to invest time and education, it is an animal that suits all the family situations. He is an excellent dog for the children who are raised with him, he will become a good protector and a partner in games.

Why choose a German Shepherd | Du Berger Noir
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